Noobwars x25

Online: Yes

L2Noobwars Going to Be Live into 2 Hours!

We are 2 Hours from our opening! Be Sure that you have installed our patch and you have create your account on our server!
(Beta Accounts have not been deleted!)

Well, that's it folks! Get Ready to join the most amazing server of all time!

Date: 14 Dec 2018

BETA is ONLINE! Enjoy Your Stay!

It's BETA Time! Well the first phase of our BETA has been started Officialy!

Here is the link from our Updater (We will upload full patch till morning):
L2Noobwars Updater Link

Here is the link from our Control Panel:
Control Panel Link

And here is the link for the interlude client in case you want to use clean client (We totaly reccomend it!)
Full Client Download

Well, in case you find any bug just report it on our forums or on our Page on Facebook!

- We have some features disabled at the momment, everything will be ready in the next 2 days so don't be hard with us ;)

Have a nice stay folks!

Date: 06 Dec 2018

L2Noobwars Interlude Server - The Begin of a new Journey

We are really happy to announce the return of one of the greatest servers of all time!
YES! It's true! After a lot of effort, we managed to merge up a team of developers and Supporters, in order to create something really unique! You will be amazed of the great work which we have done on this server!

This server will be something different, in other words "A new experience"! We have travelled around all the servers, in the past 12 months and we collected as many ideas as we could! So this server will be a non-miss into your l2 career!

We can Guarantee you 3 Points!
- NONE! In this server will take any free gear!
- There won't be PAID Clans!
- We won't accept BOTTERS!

Simply, because we don't looking to "hit&run", we focus on a healthy and stable community! We won't shutdown the server after 2 weeks, as our competitors!
We came TO STAY! This is not a promise, this is a fact!

Our Advertising strategy will be HUGE, for real! Everyone will be able to learn that l2noobwars will open at 14 December 2018!
So the population won't be a matter, the server will be FULLY CROWDED!

Server Protection, Security & Network:
Of course the server protection is something really important on a project like this and there is no possibility to bring on any 3rd-Party software like Sm*rtGuard or SG*ard in order to protect our server. Our team has develop our own solution which is unique and private! It's more efficient and we are sure that none will try to hack us!

An another great issue on the l2servers is the DDoS Attacks, unfortunately we will face it here too.
We will be HUGE Project so for sure we will gain some enemies who will want us down to not provide the best player-experience, which we have in our plans.
But don't worry, we have design and develop a great solution which will protect our Gameserver from any kind of attack out there!
Our hosting network is really huge and too many years in "business", so the ddos won't be an issue here. Maybe some players will face some disconnects cause of the false alarms into firewall, that's all!

We will have 13-15 PoP's around the world, in order to have the lowest possible ping so the players won't have lags or disconnects during their stay.

Support & Talk with the Staff:
We will have 4 possible ways to contact with us
1. Facebook -> Follow This Link, make a like on our page and send a private message on the page. We use the facebook 24/7 so here you will have really fast support.
2. Skype -> Add us on Skype and send us private message. We run the Skype on our phones so again you will get a fast answer!
3. Forum -> You can PM here (forums) anyone from the Staff (Our names have Red Colour). The support here is a little bit slower cause we cannot be logged-in all day long.
4. In-Game -> There will be at least 1 GM Online all day long in order to help and assistance players in their issues, questions and etc...

That's all the ingredients i think which will need in order to provide something GOOD - STABLE - LONG LIVING - FUN!
Don't forget to register on our forums, introduce yourselfs and in case of joining with your clan don't forget to send us your clan crest in order to put it on the special section in our main page!

Well, cya around folks!

Date: 08 Nov 2018